A complete success.

As part of the Telstra Wireless Project (TWP), the construction team in conjunction with National Communication Construction (NCC), installed an extension atop Mt. Wandera’s 83-metre tower.

After three months of meticulous planning, and working very closely with Contractor NCC, it was unanimous that a helicopter lift would be the safest and most efficient way to install the extension.

The project consisted of the removal of a 4m x 4m platform stationed at the top of the 83-metre mast, then the lifting and installation of the two-piece seven-metre extension. Networks Wireless’ national construction manager Peter Hughes fully endorsed the innovative nature of the project. “After I saw what has happened out here today, I’d strongly recommend (helicopter lifts) from a company point-of-view,” Hughes said.

The helicopter lift was deemed a complete success largely due to the collaboration of the VPL Network Wireless project management and engineers, construction and SHEQ teams, as well as the sub-contractors.

VPL worked in consultation with land owners and met all regulatory obligations to ensure a safe installation.

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